5 Tips for a Less Stressful Back to School

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Back to school can be crazy and stressful. Between the school supplies, new routines and managing your kiddos back to school jitters as they enter a new classroom; it's a very busy time of year! Here are some tips on how to make the back to school season in life less stressful and more successful! 😉

1. Start school bedtime & wake up routines 1-2 weeks before school starts.  Routine's make life with kids SO MUCH easier, at least for us!

2. Go shopping for school supplies as soon as you get the list. Take the majority of your kid's supplies to their classroom BEFORE the first day of school. If your school does a "meet the teacher" night, this is a perfect time to bring school supplies. It makes the first day of school less stressful for (most) teachers and it saves your kid, or let's be real, from having to lug around a huge heavy bag! At our school's meet the teacher night, I even saw moms with multiple kiddos bring in their school supplies in a wagon! Genius!

3. Post a family calendar, so everyone can see what the upcoming weeks look like. I like to do a weekly calendar that includes everybody's scheduled activities, as well as what we are having for dinner each night. I found this free printable here, and usually (goals!) have two weeks posted at a time.

4. Plan school day breakfasts, lunches & dinners at the beginning of the week. This will save you time and money! If we have a plan in place, I know I'll stay away from that drive thru AND avoid the stress of coming up with something for dinner and rushing to the store every night for the missing ingredients!

5. Last but definitely not least, check out Allison Carter Celebrate's, 10 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Going Back to School. She has some amazing ideas to help make going back to school special for you and your family. I love following her on Instagram AND she has a super cool podcast, Memories in Moments, too! Seriously MOM/ BOSS GOALS!

Hope these tips help your family transition from summer time to school time, a little easier! If you liked this post, please share! If you have any other back to school tips, please comment and share them below to potentially help make a parent's life easier!! 

Thanks for reading and well wishes to all of you and your students for the 2019-2020 school year!

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