D.I.Y. Tailgate Mimosa Bar

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hey friends!
Hope you all had fun filled weekends, making memories! I know I sure did. This weekend really was one for the books. Our family is fortunate enough to be Washington State University football season ticket holders. This means we usually spend 6 or 7 of our Saturdays each season in Pullman, Washington, surrounded by family and friends. It is one of our favorite things to do as a family, throughout the season.
Each season my husband and I chose an "adults only" game to go to together. Ty and I met while I was in college at W.S.U., after a football game, so it's fun to spend the weekend reliving those early days in our relationship. This year our pre planned "adults only" game, happened to also land on the weekend ESPN's College Game Day decided to come visit Pullman. In order to get a spot at the game day filming location, we had to wake up at 2:45am! The show runs from 6am to 9am, so a tailgate breakfast and mimosa bar was a must.

 Here is a list of all the things you need for an awesome D.I.Y. tailgate mimosa bar.

1. Champagne of your choice 

I bought one bottle of my favorite prosecco, but then went with a 2nd bigger bottle of the cheaper stuff, considering we were serving a large group of people. You can make about 6-8 mimosas out of every bottle of champagne.

2. Juice

For the juice it is good to have the classic orange juice with 2 or 3 other non traditional options. It's fun to create a new yummy twist on the classic mimosa. I used orange juice(no pulp please!), grapefruit juice, and an orange mango juice. Another one of my favorite juices for mimosas is pineapple.

3. Personalized Mason Jar Cups

Since we were at a Coug game, I used reusable Coug decal stickers. I found them here in town at Party City. I ended up having to cut them so the sticker would fit on the flat surface of the jar without peeling off of the rounded edge. You can find mason jars at any grocery store.

4. Napkins & Straws

These come in so many colors and patterns. It is easy to add them to your table and coordinate them with whatever theme you would like. I am a sucker for cute paper straws. They do get soggy after a little while, so make sure you bring extras. I didn't get a great picture of the napkins we used, but I got two small packages, one had the coug logo and the other had footballs.

5. Ice Bucket

I found a super cute game day themed tin bucket at Target. I was originally going to use it for ice, or to keep the champagne chilled. At the last minute I decided to use it to put all of the mason jar cups in instead. Our champagne and juice had been chilling in the cooler overnight, so it wasn't necessary to keep it all on ice. 

6. D.I.Y. Banner

This was so fun to make! All you need is a blank banner, some sticker letters, washi tape in your teams colors, and some twine. It was super easy and quick to put together. I also added a football banner to ours, just because I found a perfect one at target and couldn't pass it up!

7. A non-Alcoholic Option 

Some of the people in our group prefer not to drink alcohol. I feel like it is always good to include a non alcoholic option at group events. We used martinelli's sparkling cider, but another fun option would be sprite or 7-UP. 

Has anyone else made their own D.I.Y. mimosa bar? I know they are super popular for all kinds of celebrations. The next "bar" I want to try is a hot cocoa bar! Post pictures of your mimosa bar below to share with everyone! We would all love to see what you have come up with. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have an awesome Sunday evening!



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