The Secret to Stress Free Travel Prep with Kids

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Happy Wednesday friends!

This week we are preparing to leave on a short trip. Here it is the day before and it seems like I have a million things to do! One of my favorite ways to prepare for a trip or an event of any kind, is by making a list. Lists are the only way I can really be sure I haven't forgotten anything. Today I created an awesome, simple, checklist to help get our bags packed and ready to go! It includes a checklist for each person (two kids, two adults) for both suitcases and carry on bags. It also includes some other bonus tips for stress free vacation prep!

My secret to stress free travel preparation, with kids, (or without, honestly!) is to simply make a list, and plan ahead. That's it! No one likes to feel like they are forgetting something, OR like they are rushed. Rushing not only creates stress for you, but your kids as well. Without fail, if I am in a hurry, you can bet my kids will either A) have a melt down, or B) make a huge mess, or both, at the same time. Can we all agree we want to avoid those things at all costs?!

Another awesome thing we do is let the kids pack their bags. No, I don't mean it's a "free for all"! Lord only knows what they might pack if that was the case! Leighton is able to read now, so she can easily look at the checklist and pack her bag herself. Kade is a bit younger, so we just read the things to him and he grabs them for us. In the past I have also created a "picture list" of what to pack and had them do it that way. It takes a little bit longer but it really helps the kids feel involved and teaches them how to pack a bag. Real life lessons are a fave in this house. I don't want to be packing my kids bags forever and ever, (although I am sure I'll miss it, someday).

Here are the kiddos suitcases, all packed and ready to go. You'll notice, in Kade's suitcase, a plastic bag with an outfit in it. Some people like to put each and every outfit in a separate plastic bag, but that is just a little bit too much for me. (No judgement!) I find that when my kids pick out their outfits they are more likely to ACTUALLY get dressed when we ask them to. Yes, sometimes seeing what they come up with can be painful; but like I have said before, I like to pick my battles wisely! So, with that being said, the outfit in the bag is a "nice" outfit. We have a fancier dinner planned for our trip and I want to make sure his outfit stays separate and available for that specific dinner.

Having well packed, carry on bags when you have kids, is a must! Here is a general list of things I like to pack in each kids carry on backpack. I like them to have their own, that way they aren't arguing over who's carrying it, or who isn't, etc.

- Snacks: Try to stay away from things that need to be refrigerated and things that are liquid. Those won't make it through security, and no one wants a kiddo crying in the airport because their favorite snack got thrown away! We usually do dried fruit and some sort of cracker.
- Entertainment: This can be different for each kid. Leighton loves to color so I usually pack her a small baggie of crayons (less is more!) and a coloring book. She loves music, so I let her bring her MP3 player to listen to with headphones. I also pack her "Letter Lunchbox". This is something I made before our trip to Disneyland last year. She loves it. It helps her practice her words, and the magnets & dry erase markers are fun for her to use.

For Kade, I also pack some color crayons and a small coloring book. He really likes to stay busy with hands on things so I like to pack a small container of playdough, with some pipe cleaners, and cut straws for him to stick in it and play with. It isn't messy and keeps him entertained. Another great idea for toddlers I have heard about, but haven't tried, is using window clings to let the kids stick on the tray and windows to play with.
- A Change of Clothes: This is not only for the younger kiddos still getting through potty training, but for the older ones too. You never know what kind of spills can happen and it's always better to be safe than sorry. Along with this, I usually bring one used grocery bag in my carry on to put wet or soiled clothes, just in case. It is also a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for the kids so they adjust to the temperature on the plane as well as your destination.

I won't go into too much detail about what I pack in my carry on but here are a few of my must haves. I will also say, I love the convenience of carrying a backpack vs a purse. Being hands free, with kids, is a huge bonus!

- Phone charger
- Headphones
- Magazine & Book (My current favorite books are "The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck", and "Simplicity Parenting", although I highly doubt I will have time to read on an airplane with two small children; ha, ha!).
- Breath Mints or Gum
- Water bottle
-  Notebook - I like to have my notebook on me at all times for brainstorming!
-  Wallet - duh.
-  Protein Bar - My favorite ones are the Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bars
-  Compact powder makeup 
-  Hair tie 
- Travel size deodorant
- Chapstick 
- Printed flight and hotel info - I have everything on my phone, but I like to have a printed copy just in case!

I sure hope these tips helped you to make your next family trip prep, a breeze. I absolutely love going on adventures with my little family. Sometimes it is easy to let the stress of traveling take over your mood. Don't forget what a blessing it is to be able to do it in the first place, and remember your kids will reflect your mood! Make sure its a positive one and you should be all set!

Thanks for reading & please comment below and let me know if this post was helpful or not! Safe travels and happy adventuring!

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