20 Random Things About Me

Thursday, October 4, 2018

 20 Random Things About Me

Hi! I am brand new to this blogging thing so I thought I'd start off by telling you a little bit about myself.  

  1.  My name is Kaci Howard. The first time I met my husband, I introduced myself as "Kaci, spelled K-A-C-I". We didn't exchange numbers that day so when he decided he wanted to see me again that spelling was all he had to go off of. So, I guess you could say my name is what led me to my happily ever after!
  2. I am a mother of 2 incredible (mostly), kiddos. My daughter Leighton is 6 years old, and my son Kade is 3 years old. 
  3. I have worked at Starbucks for 7 years. I am a coffee addict and I love all things coffee! My favorite part about my job is meeting new people, and getting free coffee. 
  4. My favorite sport is Hockey, both my kids and my husband play. 
  5. Planning parties & celebrations for others makes my heart happy. I would love to be an event coordinator someday, but I am not sure it would be worth the stress. 
  6. In college, at Washington State University, I was in a sorority, Chi Omega. Go Cougs!
  7. I have had the same hairdresser for the last 9 years. I still travel over 3 hours to get my hair done. 
  8. I love crafts and D.I.Y. projects of all kinds. 
  9. I am an only child.
  10. I was born and raised in a small town in the woods; Enumclaw, Washington. 
  11. My husband describes me as an introvert. I would agree, mostly; until I get to know you, then it's a whole different story. 
  12. I worked as an intern at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, California while in college. It was awesome living there for an entire summer.
  13. I once tried to start my own healthy meal prep business. 
  14.  I am part of everything my kids are a part of...Big Bend Cooperative Preschool Vice President, The Tree Fort Children's Museum board member, Moses Lake Youth Hockey Association Secretary and a member of the PTA. 
  15. I love to sing in the car, shower or anywhere there is loud music playing. 
  16. I am a people pleaser and a bit of a perfectionist. When someone is unhappy with me or thinks badly of me it tears me apart; something I have been working on changing. 
  17. My husband is an Air Traffic Controller for the Federal Aviation Administration. He was also in the Air Force.
  18. I love the color gray; for clothes, shoes, home decor
  19. I was a 4 year Letterman in high school. I loved playing all sports, but I lettered in basketball, soccer and fast pitch. 
  20. Making my husband and kids laugh is my daily goal. It makes me happy when they are happy. 
Thanks for taking a little time to get to know me! I am excited to embark on this new adventure and hope to have you all adventuring with me! If you enjoyed reading this(even a little), please feel free to share!! Hope you have a fantastic day!


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