Spooky, Fun Halloween Felt Wall

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hey friends!
I thought I was all done with my Halloween crafts and activities for the season (besides trick or treating of course!). But, as always, my kiddos inspired me to create another fun, seasonal activity.

Leighton and Kade had been working on creating a "spider web" out of string for days, or dare I say it..weeks! They were using tape to put the strings up in doorways and on walls. I let them experiment with it for quite some time until I finally got sick of finding scraps of tape everywhere and "spider web" blocked doorways around every corner. (What a grump, I know!) As I was cleaning up one evening, shoving all the lose strings into a drawer, the idea of a fun felt wall popped into my mind. I made a mental list and was off to the store for supplies the next day.

Here is a list of the supplies!

1. FELT-

  2 yards of black for the spider web, ( I got extra in case I made a mistake while cutting!)1 yard of grey for the background, 2ft of purple, green, white, & small sheets of felt for any other colors you would like to use for shapes. You can find the smaller sheets of felt in the kids craft areas in most stores. The options are endless! 


You will want to make sure your scissors are sharp to cut the felt shapes out accurately. 


I used these to hang up the felt to the wall. 


I was originally going to glue these to the shapes I cut out, but decided to instead glue felt to the back of the eyes so the kids were able to move the eyes and put them wherever their little hearts desire. 

After gathering the supplies, I began cutting. I just cut out a large circle for the spider web. Then cut a slightly larger square for the background. After that I folded the circle three times over, and cut it like this. 
After that I laid it out and tacked it all onto the wall. I put it in the play room area in our house next to the kids' rooms, low enough for them to both be able to reach it. Then I began cutting out fun shapes for the kids to stick onto the web. I did ghosts, spiders & bats. I wish I would have bought some orange felt to add to the mix! I ended up having a ton of extra fabric so Kade and I decided to make a house along with the web. Next, I glued the felt to the back of the googly eyes. I think they both turned out super fun and cute! 

As soon as Leighton got home from school she started playing with it and moving the shapes around. She ended up also creating her own shape! A monster! I kept the extra felt out so she is able to create whatever she wants to add. While I was at the store I saw some pre cut felt letters. I feel like this would be an awesome purchase, along with the orange felt to add to the potential of this activity. 

Thanks for reading friends! When it comes to felt, the options are endless.Such a great activity for developing fine motor skills, along with creativity, colors and shapes. Adding the pre-cut letters would really add to the fun, too. There are tons of other fun shapes and things you could add to this project. I know there are some super creative people reading, I would love to see some of your felt ideas and projects!


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