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Monday, October 15, 2018

Happy Monday, friends!
Halloween is quickly approaching and if you're anything like me, you probably haven't put much thought into what you will be for Halloween; it's really all about the kids these days. Some years I have these "epic" family costume ideas, and plan it out for months, but usually I just try to come up with something that is easy & inexpensive. This year I wanted to be The Incredibles, but after looking at the body suit I would have to wear, I decided against it! This mom bod is a work in progress, can't pull that off quite yet!

Each year a good friend of ours throws an adults only halloween costume party early in October. It's fun to get dressed up and a great excuse for date night with the hubs. She does an amazing job every year with her decorations and they are pretty much all D.I.Y., which is amazing!  I meant to take more pictures of them this year, but I was having so much fun, I forgot! (Not a bad thing, right?)

This year we decided at the last minute to basically dress as each other. Ty was a "Starbucks Barista" and I was an "Air Traffic Controller". We got a good laugh over it and so did our friends. Ty even had a stranger at the store come up to him and ask for a picture. This would be easy to do for any occupation (as long as you can handle a joke!). For those of you that may not know much about what an air traffic controller does; here is a photo to help you out a little. I found it here, on pinterest.

I think most everyone already knows what a stereotypical Starbucks barista would look like, so I won't post a picture for that one. Here we are in our costumes, the photo was taken in the dark so I apologize for the horrible quality!

"Air Traffic Controller Costume"
  • Vest (borrowed from the airport where Ty works).
  • Headphones (also borrowed from the airport).
  • Wands (Ty made using PVC pipe, orange spray paint and duct tape).
"Starbucks Barista"
  • Apron & Name Tag (borrowed from yours truly).
  • Sharpies (taken from my vast collection).
  • Skinny Jeans (also borrowed from me).
  • Dress Shoes (Ty's).
  • Fake Sleeve Tattoo (Party City).
  • Prince Charming Wig (Party City). I should note that our first choice was the man bun wig. We waited til the last minute to put this together, so we were unable to find one in a hurry. They have them here on Amazon though!
  • Headset (Party City)
Hope you all get a good laugh out of this. My husband wearing skinny jeans and having a full head of HAIR was enough to get me rolling. I am curious to hear what your costumes would be if you used this idea, or simply share what you are planning to be for Halloween! Adults can have fun with Halloween, too!


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