Trip to San Francisco - Breakfast in the Big City

Thursday, November 1, 2018

We only spent two full days in San Francisco, but we managed to cram so much in those two days that I think I will spend this week writing about it in sections. I took about a bazillion pictures, and had plans to post while we were there but we had very little down time.
After a late night family dinner down the street from our hotel at a cute little downtown diner, and half night of sleep we were off! We started our morning with some breakfast at Sears Fine Food. It was just a couple blocks away so we walked from our hotel. We came at just the right time and were able to be sat promptly.

I would highly recommend the food and the experience. Everything was fresh and delicious, & the kids got coins to use in the old fashioned slot machines at the end of our meal. They are world famous for their pancakes and all of their juice is fresh squeezed. It even stated in the menu the fresh fruit used for my fruit and yogurt bowl was, "immediately rushed to the restaurant", at its prime ripeness. Service was great and the food was even better.

The place took you back in time, all the decor looked as if it had been kept the same for the past 80 years it had been open. The walls were covered in old photographs of both sights and people. There is a very interesting description of the history of the restaurant here, on their website. Apparently, the whole thing started with a retired circus clown, oddly enough. 

We didn't win any loot at the end of our meal, but the experience and delicious food was enough of a win for us. Do you know of any awesome breakfast places in the San Francisco area? I am sure in such a metropolis there are plenty.  I would love to hear about them for the next time we venture down there. Thanks for reading, be on the lookout for my next posts that will include our other adventures in San-Fran.


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